Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP) – Physical Progress and the Annual Plan for the year 2020-21
Sl.No Component Amount Received( Lakh) Expenditure( Lakh) Balance Available as
on 01-04-2020
( Lakh)
Physical Progress Annual Plan for FY 2020-21
1. Modern Record Rooms(MRR)/Land Records Management Centres(LRMC) 4125.00 3130.99 994.01 Total No. of MRR sanctioned:292
So far completed:89
In progress:203
Modern Record Rooms will be established in 203 Taluks in Fy 2020-2021.
2. Data entry/re-entry data conversion 123.00 121.18 1.82 Data entry of all types of textual land records (viz.,Rural, Urban and Natham) has been completed. Computerised land records of 310 Taluks (out of 312 Taluks),92 Towns, 12 Corporations have been brought online have been brought online through e-services 1) Land records of the balance 2 taluks and 1 Town will be brought online in FY 2020-2021.
2) Web-based system for computerized land records of Natham areas (house-sites assigned in Government lands) will be developed and brought online in FY 2020-21.
3. Creation of Taluk/ Divisional/ District/ Sub- Division Data Centres 259.80 250.26 9.54 Taluk Data Centre: Total No. of TDC sanctioned : 255 So far completed: 255 In progress: --- Revenue Divisional Centre: Total No. of RDC sanctioned : 6 So far completed Additional infrastructures will be created in Taluks and Survey offices in Fy 2020-21.
4. State Data Centre for Land Records 160.00 158.48 1.52 10 Servers, 34.8TB SAN have been procured and installed for hosting computerized land records through web-based system at the State Data Centre. The following hardware will be procured and installed in 2020-21.
(i) 4 servers for establishing Disaster Recovery System for online land records (Tamil Nilam data).
(ii) 3 Servers and 12 TB SAN for establishing Online Patta Transfer system for Natham Land Records.
(iii) 24TB SAN for backup data of Tamil Nilam.
5. Interconnectivity 89.60 89.60 0.00 Interconnectivity has been established in Taluk offices and Survey Offices. ---Nil---
6. NLRMP Cell at Orthanadu (in Thanajvur District) 154.64 148.22 9.42 NLRMP Training Cell has been created at Orathanadu in Thanjavur District. In the 2014, Survey Training has imparted more than 10,000 officials of various departments. More No. of officials will be trained in Fy 2020-2021.
7. NLRMP Training Cell at Chennai 147.34/td> - 147.34 Yet to be commenced NLRMP Training Cell will be established in Chennai in Fy 2020-2021.
8. Digitization of Field Measurement Sketches (FMS) 319.00 39.00 0.00 Out of 55.25 Lakh FMS available in the state, 53.62 Lakh FMS have been digitized and brought online through e-Services As per the instructions of GoI, the digitized data of FMS will be ported to ‘Bhunaksha’ in Fy 2020-21.
9. Survey / Resurvey 1509.21 1505.22 3.99 200 DGPS equipments (100 sets) procured for conducting Resurvey using Modern Survey Equipments in 3 Districts viz, Kanyakumari., Resurvey in the 3 districts will be continued and more area will be surveyed in Fy 2020-21.
(Amount transferred from other components) 197.26
Total 201.25 Krishhnagiri and the Nilgiris. Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) has been established in 70 locations across the State. Resurvey using GPS and ETS over CORS is in progress in the above 3 districts. Total area to be surveyed: 8189.99 Sq.Km. So far surveyed: 657.92 Sq.Km Balance: 7532.07 Sq.Km.