The Central Survey Office as the name implies is an office situated at monitor and co-ordinate the work done by the district unit offices functioning in all the 38 Districts comprised in the State and also the 4 regional Offices at Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and Tiruchirappalli.

1. Drawing Branch
2. Photo Zinco Press
3. Administrative Branch


The main functions of the Drawing Branch are the production of fair drawn originals for the different maps listed supra. The staff strength employed are headed by an Joint Director (Technical) and assisted by One Deputy Director, One Assistant Director and Three Manager Technical. Different sections are functioning with a Head Draftsman and the required staff.

Main drawing work in Central Survey Office relates to the Re-preparation of village maps for the updating Registry Scheme villages. The maps on foot Pound (links) system are photographical reduced for getting Prints in metric measures on a scale of 1:5000. These prints are drawn on transparent drafting files papers for printing final copies by image transfer method called Vandyke Technique. Further the fair originals are also prepared for Town, Taluk, District and State and other maps by the Conventional methods.

In central Surveys Office, since 1983 modern techniques are adopted with the available infrastructure in the preparation of fair drawn original maps. Some of the techniques are as follows:-

1) The updating of the Taluk maps with reference received from all District Assistant Directors
2) Modern Cartographic Drawing Equipments are used for preparing original maps.

Computerized Cartographic Centre of the Central survey Office

As a step towards modernizing the Department of Survey, a Computerised Cartographic Centre is established to attend the task of digitising all the maps produced by the Central Survey Office in a phased manner.

On the 18th July 2001 a new building was inaugurated in the PWD complex, Chepauk for the Tamil Nadu Survey and Land Records Department, named as Survey House. A separate wing was allotted for the functioning of the Computerised Cartographic Centre. The centre is expanded with the following infrastructure for the computerization of maps to fulfil the requirement of the Government, Public and the user departments.

The processing and publication of the following maps intended for supply to different government department and sale to public.

1. Village Maps
2. Taluk Colour Maps
3. District Colour Maps
4. Taluk outline maps.
5. District outline maps
6. State Road map (English)
7. Madras City maps (English)

Work carried out in Computer Cartographic Centre with Arc Map & AutoCad and Collabland Softwares.
1) Digitization of Taluk maps (colour and outline)
2) Digitization of District maps (colour and outline)
3) Digitization of Village maps
4) State maps
5) Preparation of Special maps for the user Departments as per their requirements.
6) Preparation of Assembly & Parliament maps of Tamil Nadu for the Election Commission.
7) Scanning, preserving the existing Village maps for sales to the public and user departments.
8) Scanning and preservation of old Village, Town and Main Circuit traverse records of the department, being the base record for Re-Survey ordered under modernization


The revenue to the state is earned by selling district maps, taluk maps and village maps to public and other government Departments.


Request received under the Right To Information Act-2005 are considered,and the required information and records are provided to the Public on payment of relevant fees.


Administrative Branch is functioning in Central Survey Office, to deal with the following matters for the whole staff. The staff pattern of this branch is in annexure.

1) Preparation of Budget.
2) Sanctioning of pay Increments, loans and Advances.
3) Seniority, promotion and Reversion
4) Pension papers.
5) Sanctioning of Leave
6) Disciplinary matters.