Computers and Printers were supplied at an expenditure of Rs. 1.25 Crore to each Taluk Office for pursuing Patta transfer work.

 Photocopier was supplied to the Survey Section of each Taluk Office at an expenditureof Rs. 22 Lakhs for taking copy of Field Measurement Sketches.

 Survey Training Institute at Orathanadu was modernized at an expenditure of Rs.196.07 Lakhs.

 Land Records Management Centres were created in all the Taluk Offices of Kanchipuram and Tirunelveli districts at an expenditure of Rs.525.00 Lakhs.

 Modern Survey was conducted in Perambalur Municipality using GPS & Total Stations at a cost of Rs.20.00 Lakhs.

 Issue of Patta for Natham Lands in Chennai after completing settlement - for 15,000 holdings (approx) in 31 Villages in Chennai District.

 In order to give easy accessibility of Firka Surveyors to public, office cum residential quarters were built for the usage of Firka Surveyors in 100 Firkas out of the total number of 1136 Firkas, at a cost of Rs. 1416 Lakh each.

 To facilitate preservation of precious old land records, an annex building was constructed at the Commissionerate of Survey and Settlement in Chennai, at a cost of Rs.2.20 Crores.

 With a view of bringing the digitized Field Measurement Sketches into usage and to facilitate online management of land records, Laptops were provided to 300 Firka Surveyors at a total cost of Rs. 83.15 Lakhs.

 To facilitate easy communications related to Patta transfer work, SIM Cards were provided to Firka Surveyors, for insertion in their Mobile Phones, under BSNL’s CUG facility, at a cost of Rs.13.66 Lakh.

 Total number of Natham Sub-divisions to be computerized is around 1.35 Crores. Data entry of all the Natham land records were pursued through outsourcing at a cost of Rs. 70.00 Lakhs.

 Data entry of around one lakh Town Survey Numbers pertaining to Fort-Tondaiarpet,Egmore-Nungambakkam and Mylapore-Triplicane of Chennai District were completed and computer generated Patta was issued on request to the landowners concerned.

 In order to benefit to Landowners, Joint Pattas were sub-divided and one lakh Single Pattas will be issued in the year 2013-14, in Tiruchirapalli and Krishnagiri districts on pilot basis.

 With a view of expediting the Fast Track Patta Scheme, copy of Field Measurement Book was provided to the Firka Surveyor concerned, at a cost of Rs. 30.00 Lakhs.

 Computer with internet connectivity along with a printer was installed in 267 Revenue and Survey offices at an expenditure of Rs. 1.43 Crore.

 2 Lakh House site Pattas were issued through Revenue Department.

 Issued 3 Lakh No. of House site pattas to public.

 Issuance of FMS along with patta in Perambalur and Srirangam Taluks.

 Computerization of Urban Land Records in all municipalities and Corporations except Chennai.

 Provision of Survey Instruments such as survey chains/cross staffs etc to Field Surveyors at a Cost of Rs.30 lakh.

 Issued SIM Cards to officials such as Inspectors/Deputy Inspectors/Sub-Inspectors of this Department at a cost of Rs 8.00 lakhs.

 With a view of facilitating easy access of land records to public through internet, a Mobile Application of Amma e-Service of Land Records was implemented.

 Laptops were provided to the remaining 577 Firka Surveyors at a cost of Rs. 1.45 Crore.

 Laptops along with data cards were provided to 50 Officers of this department at a total cost of Rs. 30.00 Lakh under NLRMP.

 Splitting up of Joint Pattas into Single Pattas in Kanchipuram and Virudhunagar districts, 1,00,000 Pattas were distributed.

 Modernisation of Photo Zinco Press functioning in Central Survey Office, Chennai was modernized at a cost of Rs. 1.00 Crore enable to print Survey Maps using modern technology.

 Computers and accessories were supplied at a cost of Rs.60.5 Lakhs to strengthen the administrative wing of those offices for maintaining Service Registers digitized and scanned.

 Computer-generated FMS with online Patta, Digitisation of Field Measurement Sketches were carried out in all District Survey Offices, with the objective of integrating the Digitised FMS with the land records database in order to issue computer-generated FMS with online Patta.

 Laptops were provided to the remaining 161 D.I.S and 126 Land Records Draftsman out of 285 to equip them for efficiently pursuing online patta transfer.

 Web-based software for Urban land records was developed and it was piloted at Chennai. This will be extended to all the Corporations and Municipalities to implement Online Patta Transfer scheme in all urban areas.

 Since all Land Records are being brought online, 3G Data cards with one year subscription at a total cost of Rs 70.00 lakh, was provided to 1140 Firka Surveyors, in order to pursue expeditious action in Online patta Transfer System .

 Strengthening of Regional Deputy Director Offices/Assistant Director offices by providing Computers, printers, UPS at a approximate cost of Rs.1.60 Crores .

 Laptops, Printers and 3G Data Cards were provided to 20 Settlement Tahsildars at a cost of Rs.0.12 Crores.