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Legacy that spans thro' ages!

Cartography or the science of survey and map making is in the process of a revolution in technology. Technological revolutions are not new in the history of humanity. Cartography has a 2000 year written history from the time of Plato in the Western world. In the East in India, there is a reference to maps and diagrams even from the days of the Mahabharata circa 3100 BC. The Chakras are intricate geometric diagrams inscribed usually on copper plates to attract cosmic energies. But this revolution goes beyond the normal upheavals. It is an epochal revolution.

The first systematic survey of land and settlement operations were conducted during the reign of Raja Raja Chola I (985 – 1011 AD). During the British Period, the Great Trignometrical Survey in India began in AD 1802 when William Lambton laid the baseline of 12 kms from St.Thomas Mount to a hillock called Perambauk which is now called Perumbakkam near Sholinganallur.The world-famous 'Great Arc' Survey which was commenced on 10th April 1802 with the measurements from St.Thomas Mount to Perambuak Hill, closed on the same line after 62 years.

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Era of modernization...

This department which has a pride of rich tradition for more than 150 years, has now been modernised and started using modern equipment like Global Positioning System (GPS) and Electronic Total Station (ETS) in place of Chains, Cross-Staffs and Theodolites for survey work; computerised land records in place of manuscript land records and web-enabled online Patta transfer services in the place of age old manual services in Taluk Offices. As a testimony to the modernisation of this department, Best Practices Award for the year 2016 was presented to this department for having successfully implemented web-based Online Patta Transfer System.

e-services proposed...

Through this website, our department has proposed to provide various e-services to the public like, sale of maps, provision for applying for updation of Chitta, to ascertain status of RTI petitions, to download utility forms, etc. Likewise, this website will also be useful to the staff of this department for downloading establishment related records like panels, postings, circulars, Government orders, etc. and work-related information like review meeting particulars, performance indicators etc.

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